The new Label – Quality from Austria

The Austrian embroidery association is proud to present the new Austrian Embroidery Security Label

  • it protects our clients and trademark from product piracy
  • you can easily check and identify the authenticity of Austrian Embroidery Lace
  • more than twelve security features allow customers to check a product’s origin, and counterfeiting is prevented
  • as the label is protected and registered worldwide, misuse will be prosecuted

New label

  • identifiable product security
  • creates additional confidence
  • the first worldwide protection for Austrian laces
  • Look fantastic in exclusive Austrian embroideries. Austrian embroideries are elegant, unique, and of the highest quality.
  • Experience more – don’t just wear fabrics. Ask your supplier for carefully-crafted and highly-creative Austrian embroideries.
  • Only products that are protected and registered worldwide are worth calling originals.
  • Embroideries produced in Austria will never have the “sex appeal of low prices”. Embroidery is an art and art really does derive from skill. Skill becomes apparent in creative leadership.

Facts and figures:

  • 200 companies
  • 700 employees
  • 250 embroidery machines

About 600 tonnes of embroideries in 2010

The Austrian Embroidery Industry:
Austrian Embroideries
Wichnergasse 9
6800 Feldkirch (Austria)
Tel.:+43 5522 305 260